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Interesting, fun and a great way to learn about more than just Balinese cooking PDF Print E-mail

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of a trip to Ubud. This is so much more than a cooking school, Wayan and Puspa are absolutely incredible hosts and make you feel part of their family.

Starting off with a market tour (which turned into an impromptu shopping trip for my better half, who walked away with 2 scarfs and sarongs at “best price”, courtesy of some friendly but intense negotiations by Puspa!), we were then guided by Wayan through the beautiful family village to nearby lush green rice paddies. We were also incredibly fortunate to witness the local village women preparing offerings for the upcoming festival celebrating “Iron”.

Great people, great food PDF Print E-mail

Puspa and Wayan are lovely people who really make you feel welcome in their home. Combine that with some excellent food and great conversation and you have yourself a fantastic day out.

A perfect day out. PDF Print E-mail
We took the morning Paon cooking class in September 2010. My father and I were joined by a family of five and a solo traveller, which made for a lovely, quiet class. We were picked up at our hotel by Wayan and Puspa themselves, who were full of apologies at being a full two minutes late. On the way to the markets we joked and talked.

At the markets, Puspa taught us all about the different spices and ingredients we would be using (and didnt mind waiting for us to do a quick spot of shopping). We were then taken to the rice fields where Wayan taught us about the connections between rice paddys and Balinese family culture. After that, most of us were taken to their house - the car was too small for all of us so Puspa drove me on her motorbike, which was so much fun.

A Great Bali Cultural Experience PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewMore than just a cooking class! I just did this last week with my travel mates, and we really enjoyed it. Puspa and Wayan are great cultural ambassadors for Bali.

The day starts when they pick you up and take you to the market in Ubud. There Puspa shows you around, describing the ingredients for sale, and the people who sell them. She even allows a little time for some bargaining with the non-food vendors.

More than a just cooking course PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewWe went to the Paon Bali cooking class, and the time we spent there exceeded our expectations. Not only did they show us how to make authentic Balinese food from scratch, but they also gave us a trip around the markets and explained the culture and religion of the area. Nothing was too much trouble for our relaxing time there.
Cooking School? Make it at Paon!! PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewPuspa and Wayan must be congratulated on making their cooking school the great success that it is! It is well organised, informative, and best of all a really fun way to spend a day in Ubud. Wayan and Puspa pick you up from your hotel at the appointed time and you start with a visit with Puspa to the markets, where she keeps up and extremely informative and amusing commentary on all that is to be bought in the fruit and vegetable market - it's a wonderful experience to shop with a local and find out all those things that you don't know how to ask about when your Indonesian is as bad as mine!
OMG - you must do THIS cooking class PDF Print E-mail
I have read and used 'tripadvisor' for a number of years, but I have never contributed a review, until now ... I feel the need to. Paon-Bali (Puspa and her funny and charming husband) are the hosts of hosts. This cooking class is more than just cooking - it is the market (morning classes only), the rice-field trip and discussion of village life and, of course, the class itself. But it is more than that - you are warmly welcomed into the family and genuinely so. You feel like a true guest - not a paying customer.
must do! PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewI could not agree more with the other reviews! We had a wonderful day with our hosts and their lovely home! We had the morning class, so we visited the market where we could see all the ingredients the Indonesians use in their kitchen, (and also buy some), then we had a small walk in the rice fields where we had the chance to hear about the every day life in the village.
Enjoyed this from start to finish PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewMy two daughters and I enjoyed our day with Puspa and Wayan. They were charming and warm and taught us more about village life in Bali than I had ever learned in my prior three trips to the island. The visit to the open market in Ubud was fun, colorful, full of local smells and offered a glimpse of where locals shop. From there, Wayan drove our group to their village in Laplanan and helped us understand farming and village governance.
A Lovely Relaxing Day PDF Print E-mail

Sept.2010 - Spent the day learning to cook traditional Bali cuisine. Paon Cooking School was wonderful. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the Ubud markets, this was a start of a special day, the smells of all the spices etc were certainly enticing. We were then taken on a tour of the rice fields and then finally to the village of Laplapan to start our cooking course.

A Fantastic Experience - A Must in Ubud PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewI chose to join Pupsa & Wayan's cooking course due to the great reviews on the website and definitely want to echo people's sentiments about the fantastic experience.

Pupsa & Wayan are two of the warmest and friendliest Balinese I met in my 2.5 week trip. There was laughter every few seconds among the people that I took the course with, a lovely couple from Australia and another from Belgium, and our gracious hosts.

A highlight of Ubud PDF Print E-mail

I'm not really much of a cook to be honest, but myself and a friend thought we would try this class out as it was recommended by the home-stay I was in. It was a morning class in Aug 2010, Wayan picks you up early and takes you to a local market and explain the different foods for sale and how the market is ran which is really interesting. We were then taken to his village and given a bit of a tour of Laplapan.

The best indonesian experience PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewThis was one of the best experiences in Bali. The cooking lesson is only for small groups AND it happens at the owner´s house. That way you get to know the real indonesian life style. She teaches on fancy hotels sometimes but has started her own business about a year ago (2009 or so).
GREAT PDF Print E-mail

I really enjoyed the cooking class especiall because we were able to do some of the cooking by ourselves (not just chopping vegetables)
The ambiente it took place in was wonderful and the cooks very kind. I also really liked the food (sooo delicious). Recommendation to anyone who wants to learn about indonesian food and lifestyle

A Balinese Cookin Class with a Richness and Roundness PDF Print E-mail

Puspa and Wayan’s Balinese Cooking Class in their home in the gorgeous lush lolly green rice paddy fields of Laplapan is an experience not to be missed. Wayan met me in Ubud in the morning then Puspa took us on a tour of the colourful local market where we had the opportunity to smell, sniff, taste and feel, the glorious abundance of fresh topical fruit, herbs and spices.

Not just great cooking - fascinating cultural tour included! PDF Print E-mail

Although I enjoy Indonesian food I was not sure that I wanted to spend half a day in a cooking class - but I'm SO glad I did! This was so much more than a cooking class. First we toured the Ubud central market with Puspa learning about ingredients (and bartering - a real art!) and buying mangosteens, soursop and jackfruit just to try. Then, with Wayan driving, we dropped Puspa at home while Wayan took us up the road to his village's rice paddies and explained all sorts of things about their management, village governance, irrigation, local feeling about the bombings... he invited us to ask anything about Bali and we did!

A truly original and delicious experience! PDF Print E-mail
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5 of 5 starsThe attraction of going into someone's home to cook and really experiencing life in a village seemed very attractive to us. We have done many other cooking classes whilst in Ubud years before, but this one was outstanding. Meticulously clean kitchen and preparation.
A unique opportunity to experience the heart and home of a Balinese family PDF Print E-mail
Save ReviewMeeting Puspa and Wayan is like meeting a friend. Their warmth and hospitability is so generous and it was wonderful to experience the market with the knowledge of an insider; tobe taken into a typical Balinese home and taught about their values and culture and to learn something about the sumptous Indesian cuisine. This is before I talk about the great meal you get to eat in the comfort of their beautiful garden kitchen.
A cultural hands on cooking class PDF Print E-mail
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5 of 5 starsI had the most fabulous day with Puspa and Wayan doing the cooking class in August 2010, it was hands on which none of the others offered seemed to be and well worth the money. Wayan and Puspa were both knowledgeable and welcoming. The morning started with a visit to the markets and a walk through with Puspa and an introduction to the produce available.
more than just a cooking class PDF Print E-mail

Just ahead: It's absolutely worth the money and you will enjoy the whole balinese cooking trip.

My girlfriend and I were the only 2 guests of Puspa and Wayan this morning in July 2010. We were picked up on time by Wayan and he led us through the morning market, as there were no other tourists. We learned a lot about the local people and their food.

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