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Really excellent - don't miss this! PDF Print E-mail

A really excellent experience - starting with the trip round the market, then a walk through the rice paddies with explanations of how the whole system works, a trip round the village, then the class. Cooking was hands-on - for everyone! We did a lot of chopping and preparation (if you get a chance, volunteer to grind the peanuts - but it is hard work!), made a mushroom soup, ate it, then came back and cooked the main meal (tuna & veg in banana leaves, chicken curry (or vegetarian), tempe, salad, gado-gado). We were all very proud of what we'd cooked - very nice tastes! Then shown how to do the desert, and ate that. Wayan and Puspa are wonderful hosts and guides / instructors, and run this extremely well. I really appreciated being in a village house, and learning more about how they live. Definitely well worth doing...

Great if you are new to cooking PDF Print E-mail

This is a lovely day out and away form the hustle and bustle that Ubud has become.

Puspa and Wyan personally meet you at your hotel and you head off to the Ubud market. The local foods are explained and a little about the Hindu culture and offerings made to the God's.

Puspa tells you "not to worry" as none of the meat is purchased from this market. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Wayan and Puspa - the BEST Balinese hosts!! PDF Print E-mail

My husband and I visited Bali for the second time and really wanted to do a Balinese cooking class. After looking on Trip Advisor we decided on this one at Ubud as it seemed the most interesting.
when booking our class, I heard a rooster crowing in the background and thought " this is unique, it must be good" and we were not disappointed.
More than I expected, we were shown the markets and all the food that is there for the locals... chicken and fish lying out with the flys and dogs looking on :)
Wayan and Puspa are the best hosts and Puspa is a dream to cook with, she will ensure you participate with the preparation in a fun environment in their home.
If a cooking class is what you are after, you MUST do this!! This tour will become so popular in the future, get in now you won't be disappointed. the Peanut sauce is to die for :)

fantastic value, fun-filled day PDF Print E-mail

I recently travelled to Ubud and wanted to do a cooking class. I saw this school was ranked highly on Trip Advisor and on that basis booked the class. It was great. It was a full, entertaining, educational and interesting day. Seeing the market through the eyes of a local was wonderful. The insights we got into the Balinese way of life, culture and heritage were interesting and the cooking and food experience topped off a wonderful day. I can't wait to get home and try some of the dishes!

A definite "must do" while in Ubud PDF Print E-mail

If you're interested in taking a cooking class, I would highly recommend Paon Bali. I took a course this past October while travelling solo through Bali and Lombok. I was picked up on time from my airport by Puspa and her husband who were incredibly cheerful. Our first stop was the Ubud market where Puspa introduced us to a variety of local produce and other goods. She is an absolute delight to be around. She's funny, charming and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. We then went to the local rice fields where her husband (I believe his name is Wayan) provided us TONS of knowledge about farming. He was also incredibly pleasant and happy to be around. After the rice fields, we went back to their family compound (which was beautiful) and began cooking. Puspa is an EXCELLENT instructor who always took her time explaining things to us. She was always happy to answer our questions and made us feel so welcome. I learned so much from that course. It was fantastic. The Paon Bali cooking class was definitely a great adventure that I would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much Puspa for a great day!!!!

#1 Bali Experience!!! PDF Print E-mail

We spent two weeks in Bali and our day with Puspa and Wayan was by far the most entertaining and educational!

They picked us up at our hotel early in the morning and took us on a tour through Ubud market ... And not just the tourist part! Puspa knew everyone there and helped negotiate "local" prices as we passed everything from textiles to sculptures to food! She evn tought us all about the different offerings that you see all over Bali!

Great food, even better experience, highly recommended PDF Print E-mail

While staying in Ubud, I made a last minute decision to take a cooking class the following morning and picked Paon Bali because of its reviews on Trip Advisor. What a great choice! The trip to the market was informative (and eye opening...some of the products looked like Bali belly waiting to happen, but thankfully we didn't buy ours there), we toured their village and learned about farming rice, then we were taken to Puspa & Wayan's home where after a bit more learning about Balinese culture and their organic garden, we began cooking. We had a group of about 9 of us, all having chosen this class from the Trip Advisor reviews, and really worked well together to make a fantastic lunch. It really was some of the best food I had in a month in Indonesia. Overall, the best cooking class I've taken!

Great Day out in the real Bali PDF Print E-mail

All the other reviews have covered most of what I was going to say. Had a great day, touring the markets, jumped in and gave the girls a hand cutting the rice in the paddie, went to the school and met the kids.
Best Indonesian food ever, wish we could buy take out like that in Australia.
Highly recommended, they have really thought about what tourists want and constructed the tour around that. Even organised transport from Seminyak. They are currently constructing a Vegetarian only kitchen as to fully separate the meat aspects of the cooking.
Really down to earth couple that invite you into their lives for a day.

Do this if you can PDF Print E-mail

I have been to Bali many times and I have done many cooking classes all of which offer something wonderful, but in September i did the Paon cooking class and can honestly recommend this cooking class over so many others. it offers you a true Balinese experience where you learn about community, family and cooking and is hosted by a wonderful family. it is a truly wonderful experience and i can highly recommend it. The food is fabulous and have already cooked since i have been home. you will enjoy this experience over so many others. if you ahve a day to do this do it!!

Exceptional Food. Hospitable Hosts. Must do Activity in Ubud PDF Print E-mail

I read most of the reviews for this Paon Bali Cooking Class and wondered what the owners of this class paid to the students to gush so much about this activity. I will say this, they didn't pay me anything and I'm still rating this as 5 stars (dots in tripadvisor).

Firstly, Puspa and Wayan are hard-working, generous and yet unbelievably genuine people. They're a tag team Ubud-introducing, cooking hero-duo. They deserve all the accolades that the reviewers on here have bestowed onto them.

Don't Miss This! PDF Print E-mail

If you are truly interested in Balinese culture this is one attraction you shouldn't miss. Puspa and Wayan are wonderful hosts and make the total experience something unforgettable! The fact that you are not experiencing Balinese cooking in a hotel or restaurant but in a local village is unique and wonderful. The recipes are easy to make and coupled with Puspa's delightful sense of humour the class is great fun too. Wayan is a beautiful soul and his passion for his village and culture is evident. I can't rate this experience highly enough.....enjoy!

A "Must Do" for all Foodies or for those who want a true Balinese experience" PDF Print E-mail

Paon Bali Cooking class was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend you do this. We were staying in Seminyak so they organised a car to come pick us up (there was an extra fee if it is outside Ubud but it was very affordable).

Wayan and Puspa were very welcoming and sweet. We had a lovely morning exploring the food markets with Puspa, Preparing and Cooking traditional Balinese Food, Eating (yum!!) whilst overlooking the gorgeous view from their back yard and then visiting the rice fields with Wayan to learn about growing rice, etc.

The best way to learn Balinese cooking in a true Balinese home PDF Print E-mail

My husband and I have been to Bali many times and have taken two other cooking classes before discovering Paon. The other classes were good but not as enjoyable and memorable as the class Puspa and her husband Wayan offers in their home.

We got to experience the whole thing; from strolling through the Ubud market where Puspa introduces all of the fresh vegetables, fruit, spices and fish that you can use for cooking to the overview of life working a rice field with Wayan in their village.

Thoroughly enjoyable day!! PDF Print E-mail

Myself and my boyfriend have been to Bali before, but rarely leave the confines of the hotel we stay at in Nusa Dua. We thought this time we should experience some culture, and both love cooking so this class made perfect sense.

The hustle and bustle of the morning market, and different sights and smells was an experience, and we had plenty of time to buy things such as spices, material, scarves or whatever else may interest you. Be aware though, if you want a good deal make sure you buy things when Puspa is with you. When we returned to the market after the cooking class to take a second look the prices were definitely 'tourist prices'.

If you can spare the time and you like Indonesian food/cooking make sure you plan this cooking class in your schedule PDF Print E-mail

We did the afternoon cooking class on the 8th of September and we really had the most amazing time. Initially we wanted to do the cooking class in the morning but there was no longer any place left, I only called the day before so my mistake, because they do not want to exceed a certain number of participants due to possibly having a negative impact on the quality of the course (which is a good thing). Wayan picked us up at our hotel and then had to pickup some other persons who would join us. We drove to his village and he gave some explanation about the rice fields and how they are maintained. We then went to his house where we met Puspa. She went on to explain the house temple and the layout of their house and the kitchen.

The local Balinese cooking experience. PDF Print E-mail

We stayed at Uma and reviewed other cooking classes online and chose this one as it included the market tour as well as a hands-on cooking class. It was absolutely wonderful. The real deal. We cooked a variety of dishes which taught us how to use the ingredients in different dishes which were all amazing. The couple takes you to the market, through the rice fields and to their home. This is truly a local experience.

If you're a foodie, don't miss this! PDF Print E-mail

Our day with Paon Bali was the highlight of a week of wonderful Balinese experiences. Everything we had read about it was spot on - it was so much more than a cooking class. At the end of the day, we felt we'd learned so much about Balinese culture, had eaten some stunning food, and made a whole bunch of new friends. Puspa and Wayan are wonderful hosts, and their passion for the food and culture of Bali shines through. We've come home with a heap of ingredients, ready to make the many recipes we helped prepare.

Must do!! PDF Print E-mail

My husband and I recently went to Bali for our honeymoon. We found out about this cooking class through TripAdvisor. It was amazing! Started with a trip to the local market, then cooking at their home.....the dishes were DELICIOUS!!! Plus she gave us the recipes to take home:). We were staying in Nusa Dua which was pretty far away but for a nominal fee they picked us up at our hotel and even drove us around to shop a bit in Ubud after the class. MUST DO!

Trust us -- this is THE highlight of Bali PDF Print E-mail

We attended this cooking class based upon the recommendations of other Trip Advisorees and we heartily endorse this experience. Disclaimer: we haven't tried any of the other cooking classes on the island, so we don't know whether this one is truly superior to others. That said, we were part of a group of 10 people who took Puspa and Wayan's cooking class. We all thought it was the highlight of our stay on this island.
Pros: Opportunity to get a true taste of the Balinese culture, including standing next to local women offering sacrifices, in depth knowledge of how the rules of the local village are made and adhered to and the intricacies of the rice paddies.
To enjoy a leisurely and wonderful Balinese meal (the lunch was so big that we didn't bother with dinner that night).
To learn how to cook some delightful Balinese dishes. They were GREAT.
To get a guided tour through the Ubud market. Very interesting and tasty...we learned a lot more because Puspa was with us and offered us samples to try.
To meet some truly lovely, generous and interesting Balinese people. Puspa and Wayan are gems.

A must do activity if staying in Ubud PDF Print E-mail

Puspa and Wayan are delightful characters who genuinely welcome tourists/visitors into their home which has an outdoor kitchen where they conduct their cooking classes.

First though, is a tour through the Ubud Pasar with Wayan explaining the various fruits and spices available to the Balinese cook.

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