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Must do in Bali PDF Print E-mail

We were a small class of just 2 adults and 2 kids and had a great time with Puspa and Wayan. They give you an insight into balinese life and culture that you would not get otherwise as a tourist. The rain was pouring down but it didn't dampen the experience at all, our hosts had enough umbrellas ready for everyone and the girls had fun running through the rain. Puspa had arranged for a driver to pick us up in Kuta at 7.15 am to take us to Ubud and after the class we had use of the car for the rest of the day to visit the monkey forest and go shopping. All in all one of our best days in Bali ever.

Beautiful insight to the traditional balinese cooking way, highly recommended even for those who don't cook! PDF Print E-mail

I am not much of a cook. In fact, at the tender age of 17, making toast is pretty much as far as I go. However this cooking experience has equipped me with skills that will stay with me for a lifetime.
It's not just a cooking class, it's an insight to the traditional Balinese compund and you get to spend a beautiful evening with a gorgeous family. Puspa is a lovely teacher and a great educator and coupled with Wayan they make a perfect team!

Well worth it PDF Print E-mail

We were part of a very large group travelling together and we had a truly memorable experience at the Paon Bali Cooking Class. Our Hosts were fantastic and made the experience really special. It was reasonably priced and we left feeling full, and excited to get going with our Balinese Cooking. Thank you Wayan & Puspa.

Amazing cooking class and much more PDF Print E-mail

Much more than a cooking class - got to experience a Balinese household and learn about their culture. Starts with a mkt trip, understanding the importance of Rice to the Balinese before visiting Puspa and Wayan's house where we learnt some traditional cooking. Small class and a wonderful day.

Just got to do it PDF Print E-mail

Sensational experience well worth the day. Cultural experience beyond cooking, learn a little on how to be human again. The cooking is an added bonus.

Incredible and Invaluable PDF Print E-mail

Undoubtedly one of the best things I did while in Indonesia. I signed up for the cooking class after seeing other glowing reviews on TA. It turned out that I was the only person that signed up for that day, so I had the complete attention of Wayan and his chef the entire time.

He picked me up around 9am and the first stop was the local market. Nothing too earth-shattering, but it was really helpful to "see behind the curtain" of Balinese daily life. He also gladly answered any question I had.

A great way to spend the day PDF Print E-mail

Puspa and Wayan are lovely hosts and provide an amazing day of market and rice paddy touring followed by a really fun cooking class. In addition to learning about the market and typical Balinese foods, Wayan shows you how rice is cultivated in the hills above their family compound. He also provides you with the unique experience of visiting his family temple (each family compound has a family temple on the grounds). Puspa is fantastic in the kitchen and the whole experience was wonderful!

Paon Bali Cooking Class is Food + a whole lot more! PDF Print E-mail

The best cultural experience we had in Bali. Wayan and Puspa present a well rounded course: from the market, village, ricefields, school, their home and of course the kitchen classroom. I was keen to learn about Balinese cooking, and came out with that and so much more.

After having visited Bali several times, I found that a lot of thing suddenly made sense as Wayan and Puspa describe many aspects of Balinese culture through demonstration, visiting places, and seeing and talking with people.

They have great humour and create a great fun atmosphere whilst they do it!

The Best Balinese Experience! PDF Print E-mail

This 'cooking' class was one of the best things we did on our recent trip to Bali. Guided by Wayan and Puspa, it is an experience of Balinese culture as much as it is about cooking traditional Balinese food. The visit to the markets was fantastic (thanks Puspa for local prices!) and it was lovely not to feel heckled. It really was a journey of discovery! The visit to the rice paddies during harvest time was fascinating, with the local ladies having a good laugh at the boys attempts to help harvest rice... A visit to the local school, where we met Wayan and Puspa's son, was lovely. All the kids had a great time practicing their English on us and giving us high fives! And the food... WOW! We couldn't stop eating! The peanut sauce we made for the gado gado was out of this world! When we finally left, it was with a feeling of great contentment, full bellies and promises of returning. I can't wait to try cooking some of the things I learnt in Puspa's kitchen, at home.

Great family and insight into daily life PDF Print E-mail

A warm family friendly cooking experience. Super confident and charming hosts. The walk through the food market was great (though didn't need the detour into the clothing ?) before a quick lesson in family farming and rice paddies before being welcomed into their village home. The explanation of their temples and hierarchical family life were very personable. The cooking class was well handled (despite our group being bigger than usual) and the explanation before each hands on activity were great. Enjoying the lunch afterwards was easy. A warm and generous Balinese family have built a nice business with this tour Program and rightly deserve the great reviews on tripadvisor.

This is how you blend in! PDF Print E-mail

I've been to Bali a couple of times but never got to understand it's culture and lifestyle. This is more than cooking class: you'd get to know the religion, spirit, family and hospitality of Balinese people. In the class you will see everything about preparing the Balinese cousines, from picking up ingredients in the market to presenting the dishes. Great experience. The only regret I had is that I should have taken it earlier!

A wonderful experience... PDF Print E-mail

Wayan & Puspa offer you a unique experience to learn about Balinese culture, their way of life, and their passion for food.

This is a great way to learn and participate in creating some magical dishes under the watchful eye and guidance of Puspa...

And of course at the end of the day you get to eat what you have created with your fellow guests.... cant get better than this!! :)

great experience! PDF Print E-mail

This is not only a cooking class but a great culural experience. Puspa and Wayan's attention to detail is to be commended. What struck me the most was that we were taken care of, and welcomed into their home. We were brought to a local market, shown rice paddies, explained their cultural traditions, and even did some cooking! This is an excursion not to be missed!

Great fun - learnt loads PDF Print E-mail

We had a fantastic day - visiting paddy fields, having the rice growing explained , visiting a local market and trying local fruits and sweets etc with an expert and freidnly guide!!
The back to the house for an explanation of a typical family compund and the we cooked great food with everyone and sat and had a lovely meal in great surroundings - you couldn't beat them for friendliness, expertise and the warmest welcome - can't wait to come back !!

the best cooking class ever PDF Print E-mail

The cooking class was one of the highlight of our trip; Puspa takes you through the ubud market in the morning; then Wayan (has the most wonderful smile!) explains you about the rice fields and the irrigation system; very informative.
Then the best part is that you actually get to go inside their home and start cooking. I learned a lot about the food, ingredients, and about the culture. The lunch was a real feast!!
I would definitely recommend it to all my fiends and urge you to support them as they are the kindest people and deserve to be famous for such hard work! (and always with the smiles...) here is a few pictures attached.

Fantabulous PDF Print E-mail

Best day out of 10 days in Bali!! Wayan & Puspa what lovely warm, genorous,kind hearted people you are. Trust me ...you will be well recommended to friends visiting Bali from Perth & beyond. From Ubud market to the rice fields, to your home....we thank you!
We wish you every success in your new venture....thank you Bill & Shona Perth W.A.

Suksma xoxo

A well rounded cooking experience PDF Print E-mail

We took this class expecting it to be only cooking. They do more than show you how to cook amazingly good Balinese food, but really show you their family's way of life. You see their home compound and visit their rice fields. They are very accommodating, energetic and friendly. It was one of my favorite days in Bali!

the best thing you can do in Bali PDF Print E-mail

We were so lucky to have participated in this cooking class. i am not going to go into details as I can see other reviews have well and truly covered this but we had a fantastic day doing this class. I did it with my 17 year old daughter and my friend did it with her 18year old daughter and we all loved it and loved the food we cooked. In fact we decided it was the best Balinese food we ate during our 2 week stay in Bali. Puspa and Wayan are the most charming, warm and generous hosts and are so willing to share their knowledge and their home. We learnt so much about not just Balinese cooking but Balinese life and customs as well. The whole day was perfect and if I return to Ubud i shall do the whole thing again.

Don't leave Bali without a visit with Puspa and Wayan PDF Print E-mail

We had read so much about Paon Bali Cooking Class when planning our trip, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. As hard-core "foodies" we were not disappointed. The visit to the market was very informative (don’t be shy when Puspa offers you the chance to try the local produce and sweets). This was followed by a visit to the family rice field, where Wayan will show you how rice is grown and harvested. Finally you end up at the family compound where you cook-up the most amazing food, using the freshest ingredients. Puspa is an amazing chef and teacher, and oh so patient. And don’t worry about Bali belly; they pay the utmost attention to hygiene. Oh, and as a side note, if you’re looking to hire a knowledgeable driver in the Ubud area, Wayan is your man. We had a wonderful time exploring (and shopping) in the Ubud villages.

The highlight of my trip to Bali.... PDF Print E-mail

I was on an Asia trip during the summer, and stayed in Bali for 3 days. Whilst I was disappointed with Kuta where I was staying, I have to say thank god I went to Ubud and met Wayan and Pushpa. I had the best time ever, learnt to cook the most amazing meal and the most amazing thing was that they had no other students that day but they still did the class for me.

Pushpa is a great cook and teacher, I always remember that she says add a bit of this and a bit of that for good luck!!!!!

If you go to Bali do not miss out on this!!!!

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