Another wonderful tour was taken with Paon Bali Cooking Class Print

Another wonderful tour was taken with Paon Bali Cooking Class ( We have taken other cooking classes in Vietnam and these have always been just us and a cook. This was different, being a group of around 14 but it was still a really fun experience. As with all cooking tours, the morning started with a trip to the local market to explain all the local ingredients. For us, it was a confirmation of what we already knew but it was also an insight into just what the fertile soils and climate of Bali will actually grow. The range is amazing.

The cooking was done at the family house and we were again treated to further insight into Balinese life. Each house has a temple, a meeting area, living areas and special accommodation for the senior couple. Each compound may have more than 15 people living in it, all with obligations and duties to the family. The obligation is taken very seriously.


We were all organised into cooking teams and worked together to prepare an 8 course meal. The main “basic curry sauce” underpinned much cooking, as did the peanut sauce. The result was truly delicious.



 Ubud itself is a most relaxing place. The laid back approach and lack of hard selling is a real bonus. One gets quite tired of working with hard selling market types. You still need to be prepared to bargain down a price but it is all done in a wonderful spirit of mutual fun and the result is never too hard on the pocket. As a culinary experience, Ubud doesn’t quite rate with Vietnam or Singapore but some well priced eats can be found easily. The climate is better too, with the temperature a little cooler than down on the coast. A good place for a rest.