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The cooking class was excellent. Very hands on and a wonderful way to learn about the ingredients and cooking styele for Bali. Every person on the tour was asked to help with the prep work and e actual cooking.

But what made this an OUTSTANDING trip was e visit to the local food market with a ful explanation of the ingredients, customs and history of the market. As well, the tour spent a bit of time getting to know the village in which the family runs it's program! We stopped at a rice field and saw everything from harvest and separation of the grain through replanting.

The host fmily was very open to explaining EVERYTHING abut their life and their home. If you desire tp get to know the real Ubud area of Bali, and not just the more obvious tourist sections, do not hesitate in the least to book this tour. We also recommend booking in advance, as our Sunday excursion was fully booked

  • Visited June 2011
Singapore, Singapore
Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class