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This was a great day, not just for the cooking, but also the trip to the markets in the morning, and the rice fields. Wayan and Puspa were so interesting to listen to about the culture of their village, and their families. They are a lovely family, and thoroughly enjoy having you there in their home and it shows. They have a great sense of humour as well.
The actual cooking class was in their home, and with only a small group, it was very good. The food was amazing, and excellent value for money. If you ever want to do a cooking class, this one is a must.

The only thing that I would like to add is, that they offer you beer and water, but there was no mention of paying for the beer until the end, so I would think a sign on the fridge saying that the beer is 15,000 rph but water free of charge, would of saved any people embarrassment if they didnt have the cash with them. I am sure everybody would be quite willing to pay for it, as it was cold and very reasonably priced, but just to know that it wasnt included in the lunch would of been nice to know. Apart from that it was an excellent day!

  • Visited March 2011
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Paon Bali Cooking Class