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This tour was incredible! Very intimate and a great way to see Balinese culture in its markets, its rice cultivation, its villages, and its home life. I was picked up in the morning at my bed and breakfast and met up with our group of 8 people. We were taken through the Ubud markets by Puspa and shown all the different types of indigenous fruits, vegetables, and spices soo interesting! Then we were driven to the rice fields in the Laplapan village and were taught about how rice is grown,harvested, and sold. Then we went to their home and made the most amaaazing food! This is a great hands on class that you are able to learn all about traditional Balinese foods and sauces and ways of preparing food and you eat incredibly yummy food! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the culture behind Balinese food and/or just wants to eat some great Balinese food!





Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class