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This was by far the best day we had in Bali...Puspa and Wayan were the best hosts ever..Loved how Wayan took us and explained how rice is planted and cultivated...We met Puspa at the Market in Ubud, where she explained all the different spices and veggies we would be cooking with not to mention we had some good laughs..
The Cooking Class itself was just awesome, and it was great we were able to spend some time in a traditional Balinese setting with a beautiful tropical view...Loved what we cooked, it was sooo good, it was a perfect day, highly recommend it :) After the Class was over, i had wanted some little serving dishes... Before they dropped us off at our hotel, both Puspa and Wayan made sure they let us shop a little...and i did get the dishes...at a local little shop for next to nothing!

Gibbons, Canada
Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class