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My husband and I booked this class in early January. We had a great time and really appreciated the modest price of the course and the fact that vegetarian meals were served. Puspa paid special attention to the vegetarian meal ensuring no cross contamination with the meat dishes.

I would definitely do the class again. I offer the following notes on the day not to "break Puspa's life", just to prepare her guests so they know what to expect.

First, I was under the impression that it would just be me and my husband cooking at their lovely home. The class ended up being quite large - about 15 people. Everyone was really nice and we made great friends, so, in the end this was not a drawback, only different from what I had anticipated.

About the ingredients: Although you go through the market and see ingredients, you don't actually BUY the ingredients from the market. Same with the offering. You see them being prepared for sale, but you don't make one (or buy one) and offer it. (This was just a little thing that I was hoping to participate in...). I was interested in this class over the Bimbu Bali class because some of the ingredients were coming from their organic home garden. We did get to see a small garden (mostly herbs and spices) within their compound, but did not get to see any larger garden. In the end I didn't know what was purchased and what was home grown. However, the day was so full adding a trip to the garden might have been too much!

As for the cooking, mostly you are chopping and stirring. You can do as much or as little as you like. Puspa has numerous helpers on staff who do most of the labor and can help you out if you don't know what you are doing. However, if you, like me, are looking forward to making your own coconut oil please know this part of the meal is done entirely without student assistance. Before you arrive to the house the coconuts have been prepared. You do get to witness one of Puspa's staff members heating the coconut oil and water mixture over a traditional fire and then separating the oil from the water, but there is no student participation. A final note on cooking: we made around 8 different dishes. At Bimbu Bali they claim to make about 25 (I say claim because I didn't do that course!)

In the end we had a lovely day, were stuffed with excellent food, and were worn out!

  • Visited January 2011
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