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This was easily one of the highlights of my stay in bali. This is a must do its amazing! This was a great experience that everyone should do! The first thing me and my family did was go to the traditional markets in Ubud in the morning. We met Puspa our host and the other people that were doing the cooking class. The markets were a great way to see local produce and goods that were sold. Puspa told you eveything about the markets and gave you a free taste test. After the markets we went to local rice paddies were we meet Wayan, Puspas husband. Wayan explained how the rice is cultivated and how the land is used it is a great way to learn about the rice paddies. Wayan kindly answered any of your questions.

We were then taken to Puspas and Wayans home, they made you feel like you were at your own home. Wayan explained the traditional balinese household what each part was used for and some other interseting balinese traditions. After the talking was done it was time for some cooking! The outdoor kitchen is fantastic lots of room and really clean. I thought my family and i were just goin to watch how to cook balinese food, but we also got to get involved preparing and cooking the food. This is a great way to meet people and make lots of friends. Whats even better is that everyone there loves food and is so keen and interested in learning what ingredients are used and how the food is cooked, this makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. After the food was prepared we got to sit back and relax while Puspa and the other cooks cook your amazing lunch. I meet so much differnt and interseting people. The food was amazing and you know exactly what is in the food because you helped cook it! If you are a vegetarian or you do not like something Puspa will make somthing seperate just for you. Puspa is a great host and cooking teacher and you learn heaps from her. If you love cooking or food this is a must do! This is a food lovers paradise! Its a great experience and a really good day. Puspa and Wayan are incredibly kind hearted people who provide you with a fantastic day, entertainment, information and of course cooking skills! If you are visiting bali you have to do this! Thankyou so much to Wayan and Puspa for inviting my family and i into your home teaching us so much and giving us a great day with heaps of cooking skills! Thankyou for the best dessert ever puspa! (From your son in law) Michael Giamboi



Perth, Australia
Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class