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My husband and I have been to Bali many times and have taken two other cooking classes before discovering Paon. The other classes were good but not as enjoyable and memorable as the class Puspa and her husband Wayan offers in their home.

We got to experience the whole thing; from strolling through the Ubud market where Puspa introduces all of the fresh vegetables, fruit, spices and fish that you can use for cooking to the overview of life working a rice field with Wayan in their village.

Wayan and Puspa then invite us lucky guests into their home and explain the Balinese family compound, their way of life, their beliefs in reincarnation...everything you need to understand the typical family in Bali.

We had a really nice group of people and many of us shared our travel stories or information on what to do and see in Bali. This, I feel, is one of the most special experiences of the class. You meet new people, share laughs, cook together and then have new friends at the end of the afternoon.

The food preparation and cooking was very relaxing and enjoyable, everybody pitched in and took turns chopping, grinding, frying, grilling. You name, we all did it.

We made chicken curry, mushroom soup, chicken satay, urab, gado gado, tempe, pepes ikan and then a banana jackfruit dessert with shredded coconut and palm sugar.

Everything was truly exquisite! We were all quiet while we fed forkfuls of scrumptious and perfectly spiced Balinese food into our mouths. There was enough food to feed 20 people!

After lunch we all relaxed and enjoyed our dessert with tea and coffee. I was sad to leave Puspa and Wayan's home. We could have stayed all day talking, laughing and of course eating.

Do yourself a favor and do something unique on your next visit to Bali, book a class at Paon. You will not only take with you some amazing new recipes home but an awesome experience and new friends.

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MimpiPinsky   1 contribution
Oct 25, 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

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