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This 'cooking' class was one of the best things we did on our recent trip to Bali. Guided by Wayan and Puspa, it is an experience of Balinese culture as much as it is about cooking traditional Balinese food. The visit to the markets was fantastic (thanks Puspa for local prices!) and it was lovely not to feel heckled. It really was a journey of discovery! The visit to the rice paddies during harvest time was fascinating, with the local ladies having a good laugh at the boys attempts to help harvest rice... A visit to the local school, where we met Wayan and Puspa's son, was lovely. All the kids had a great time practicing their English on us and giving us high fives! And the food... WOW! We couldn't stop eating! The peanut sauce we made for the gado gado was out of this world! When we finally left, it was with a feeling of great contentment, full bellies and promises of returning. I can't wait to try cooking some of the things I learnt in Puspa's kitchen, at home.

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tarah0286   2 contributions
Perth, Australia
Dec 18, 2010 New
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Paon Bali Cooking Class