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A really excellent experience - starting with the trip round the market, then a walk through the rice paddies with explanations of how the whole system works, a trip round the village, then the class. Cooking was hands-on - for everyone! We did a lot of chopping and preparation (if you get a chance, volunteer to grind the peanuts - but it is hard work!), made a mushroom soup, ate it, then came back and cooked the main meal (tuna & veg in banana leaves, chicken curry (or vegetarian), tempe, salad, gado-gado). We were all very proud of what we'd cooked - very nice tastes! Then shown how to do the desert, and ate that. Wayan and Puspa are wonderful hosts and guides / instructors, and run this extremely well. I really appreciated being in a village house, and learning more about how they live. Definitely well worth doing...

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Salilah   9 contributions
Nov 12, 2010
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Paon Bali Cooking Class