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We spent two weeks in Bali and our day with Puspa and Wayan was by far the most entertaining and educational!

They picked us up at our hotel early in the morning and took us on a tour through Ubud market ... And not just the tourist part! Puspa knew everyone there and helped negotiate "local" prices as we passed everything from textiles to sculptures to food! She evn tought us all about the different offerings that you see all over Bali!

From there, we hit the rice terraces where Wayan explained how they grow, their seasons and how the land itself is devided... Not only beautiful, but also an insiders view on their culture and the way things really work there.

The actual cooking class was held at their home in their beautiful outdoor kitchen surounded by nature itself in their organic garden. The food was amazing and they give you the recepies to take home so you can recreate your Bali experience when you get home!

Puspa and Wayan are amazing people and we are so happy to have met them and been given the opportunity to experience not just their cooking style, but their life style and wonderfull personalities!

I HIGHLY recomend spending a day with them! You will not regret it!!!

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artsyirene   1 contribution
Austin, Texas
Nov 4, 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

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