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I have read and used 'tripadvisor' for a number of years, but I have never contributed a review, until now ... I feel the need to. Paon-Bali (Puspa and her funny and charming husband) are the hosts of hosts. This cooking class is more than just cooking - it is the market (morning classes only), the rice-field trip and discussion of village life and, of course, the class itself. But it is more than that - you are warmly welcomed into the family and genuinely so. You feel like a true guest - not a paying customer.

The class, it is hands-on all the way - no 'watching here'! Puspa is reassuring all the way, but is always asking how you want the food to taste - taste-testing is a common theme throughout the class. Once you have finished making the food and you make your way to the table with fabulous views over the gully, Puspa weaves her magic and 'your' food is presented back to you in a beautifully decorative style - it looks too good to eat! But wait til you try some - you won't be able to stop!! I loved it, can not recommend it enough, and will definitely be back to visit my new friends Puspa and Weyan

Ballarat, Australia
17 Sep 2010
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Paon Bali Cooking Class