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Although I enjoy Indonesian food I was not sure that I wanted to spend half a day in a cooking class - but I'm SO glad I did! This was so much more than a cooking class. First we toured the Ubud central market with Puspa learning about ingredients (and bartering - a real art!) and buying mangosteens, soursop and jackfruit just to try. Then, with Wayan driving, we dropped Puspa at home while Wayan took us up the road to his village's rice paddies and explained all sorts of things about their management, village governance, irrigation, local feeling about the bombings... he invited us to ask anything about Bali and we did!

Next Wayan took us to his and Puspa's home and first took us into their family temple area and explained something about each structure and its purpose, as well as a quick look at Balinese spiritual beliefs. After all that we got down to the actual cooking, with preparation already completed by Puspa and Nyoman. A highlight for us was that Puspa was happy to teach us to cook her dishes completely without chilli, which while no doubt less than authentic, was a definite help to our inflamed internal systems! But I have no doubt that if you love chilli, she would love this inclusion.

Wayan and Puspa were so relaxed yet informative, I found this to be one of my highlight experiences of my first trip to Bali, and I've been recommending it to everyone I know who's thinking of going to Bali.


Sydney, Australia
16 Aug 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class