A unique opportunity to experience the heart and home of a Balinese family Print
Save ReviewMeeting Puspa and Wayan is like meeting a friend. Their warmth and hospitability is so generous and it was wonderful to experience the market with the knowledge of an insider; tobe taken into a typical Balinese home and taught about their values and culture and to learn something about the sumptous Indesian cuisine. This is before I talk about the great meal you get to eat in the comfort of their beautiful garden kitchen.

This is a special opportunity and you will leave knowing that you have a friend you can visit in Bali.

All cooking is done to Western hygiene standards and vegetarian or other dietary needs can be accommodated.

Wayan is also available to transport you wherever you want to go and will pick up from all over the Island.

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Sydney, Australia
13 Aug 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com