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Such a blast! PDF Print E-mail

I try to take a cooking course each place I visit, and this was great fun! Puspa started us on a tour of the Ubud market, trying various fruits and buying items for our cooking. Then we rode to their village, where Wayan explained agriculture in Bali, out in a rice field. We next traveled to their house, where we were given a welcome drink and an explanation of a Balinese house (fascinating!). Then we began with a tour/explanation and then started cooking. The class was large and different people were charged with different tasks. I enjoyed this because we were able to mingle with various groups but it may not be ideal for some - I did not see all parts of any dish, so if that's your goal you may be disappointed.

Much more than anticipated PDF Print E-mail

The cooking class was excellent. Very hands on and a wonderful way to learn about the ingredients and cooking styele for Bali. Every person on the tour was asked to help with the prep work and e actual cooking.

But what made this an OUTSTANDING trip was e visit to the local food market with a ful explanation of the ingredients, customs and history of the market. As well, the tour spent a bit of time getting to know the village in which the family runs it's program! We stopped at a rice field and saw everything from harvest and separation of the grain through replanting.

Wow we loved it PDF Print E-mail

This was such a great tour. We loved it. The group was not too big. We learnt loads of things about food and Bali. This husband and wife team were great. The food was so yummy. I cant wait to make it when I get home.

Top Balinese cultural experience! PDF Print E-mail

Wayan and Puspa are the most welcoming hosts ever! The day began with a lesson on typical Balinese ingredients at the markets, then a stroll through the family rice paddy and finally a feast on our own creations at the family home. Having the class at their home was the highlight! Thanks for a fantastic day in Ubud!

A Must Do! PDF Print E-mail

Paon Bali was a highlight of our honeymoon and a must-do that we are still talking about. The owners make you feel right at home, and teach you about family life, the market, rice and cooking all in one glorious day at their beautiful home. The market tour gave us a peek into real life in Ubud and was really fun. Onto the rice fields, where we learned about the family system and cultivation, and then to their home to start the lessons. We enjoyed the cooking and sampling very much- and eventually our delicious lunch. A must do for your trip- great fun and learning in a hands on way you won't forget.

Fantastic!- The BEST thing we did in Ubud! PDF Print E-mail

We had such a wonderful time during our Paon Bali Cooking Class. The owners were wonderful and the chef was very knowledgeable, attentive and great to learn from. When we got picked up from our hotel we were first taken to the rice fields- where we got to learn about how the rice is harvested and then got to interact with the farmers and actually work in the rice fields for a bit! That was a great experience! We then went to the house where the cooking class would take place. The owners of the class (and house) were extremely welcoming and made you feel right at home. Since we did the afternoon class (started at 4pm) we (my husband and I) were the only ones, which made it even better because we got to do all of the cooking! All of the ingredients that we used were fresh and some were even organic! I loved that the kitchen was kept very clean all of the time. We made about 7 different dishes that were all very good and manageable to make once I came back to the States. My husband is not a big fan of cooking but he even had a great time! I am so glad we got to do this class as it was not only a cooking class but a true Balinese cultural experience. I truly recommend it.

Must do experience PDF Print E-mail

The Paon Bali cooking class was a great experience, the food, the people and the location was fantastic. I would highly recommend this to everyone, Puspa and Wayan made the day so much fun, it’s 9 out of 10.

Wonderful hosts - a fun experience PDF Print E-mail

We were lucky to enjoy a special evening class with only 2 other participants. This made the experience far more enjoyable as we really felt we were part of Wayan and Puspa's family. They both have such a wonderful sense of humour and are so passionate about what they do, it was a real highlight of our trip to Ubud. The food we helped prepare was excellent and to try out authentic methods of preparation (mortar and pestle as opposed to a food processor) made the experience quite special. Their home is located overlooking a beautiful valley, and just to see that was wonderful.
Thank you Wayan and Pupsa, you and the cooking course were a highlight of our holiday!

Don't miss it PDF Print E-mail

I was also on a very large group to the cooking school but I found it an awesome group and a thoroughly well organised experience. Puspa and Wayan organise an excellent day incorporating village life, the rice fields and cooking and was by far the most interesting day I spent in Bali. Though the group was large that day I found there was exactly as much actual cooking available as you wanted to do. I learnt several new techniques I have not yet put into practice but I certainly shall do. As for the eating.... fantastic!

the most amazing day in Bali , do not miss this opportunity to learn... PDF Print E-mail

From the moment we were greeted by this dynamic duo of husband and wife , we were well taken care of .An interresting visit to the market where tourist would not realy go, we learn about vegetables and fruits, spices and culture .A short trip to the country side to get the real story about rice patty and living on this land .
Then we were off to the host house , clean , traditionea and fill with stories of today living .
After we got explantion of produce and recepies the guests all participated in cutting and chopping, grinding, cooking of at least 7 dishes. At two large tables we ate our realy delicious food and chat about our differents contries .The day is full of good stories ,food and our great host!!!

Simply the Best! PDF Print E-mail

First of all a huge thank you to the owners Puspa & Wayan! This was by far one of the best activities I have done throughout my travels in Bali. On all of my future travels I now plan on incorporating a cooking class and they will be hard pressed to beat our experiences with you.

I cannot urge all future travelers to Ubud enough to register for a cooking class with Puspa and Wayan. We loved every aspect of this tour: shopping at the local ubud market for our cooking ingredients in the early am, learning about and exploring the rice paddies in their local village, cooking a delicious Indonesian meal from scratch in Puspa and Wayan's personal home/kitchen and, I cannot forget the best part, eating our delicious meal!

A Must Do! PDF Print E-mail

A fabulous and informative cooking class. I travelled up from Legian in the morning and it was well worth the trip.
Puspa & Wayan are great hosts and Puspa is very patient with all the questions and queries.
I only hope I can replicate all the flavours now I am home!

Paon Bali Cooking Class - highly recommend! PDF Print E-mail

It is clear that Puspa and Wayan have built their business on a base of love of Bali and cooking, and they and their whole family made us feel right at home immediately. The highlight of the day was certainly the cooking, where we prepared nine dishes. This was the best food we had in Bali during our stay!!
We had a group of ten, and there was lots of hand-on cooking to be done! "Aunty Puspa" and her staff were very good at explaining all the steps and ensured that everyone got a turn at cooking (and taste testing!) all of the dishes. We received a printed copy of the recipes, and tonight on our first night home from Bali, we tried to re-create Puspa's clear mushroom soup - not quite right without the fresh kaffir lime leaves (we plan to create our own Balinese vegetable garden just like Puspa's!).
We loved Puspa's tour of the market and being able to ask all those silly questions you've always wanted to ask (what is that spiky fruit?!), and also loved being entertained by Wayan with his explanation of rice harvesting.

The Best Cooking Class and Cultural Experience in Bali PDF Print E-mail

We enjoyed the hospitality of Wayan and Puspa in their intimate cooking class. It was the highlight of our visit to Ubud. They both exude personality, spark and ensure that everyone understands a bit about the markets, rice growing, family living conditions and especially how to prepare, cook and eat delicious, fresh and ultra Balinese foods. We highly recommend this not only for the food, but for the wonderful delight of being entertained in a real Balinese home with real and enthusiastic hosts. Thanks for a fabulous experience!!

It was great! PDF Print E-mail

Really enjoyed it! A wounderful couple , Wayan and Puspa, who were hosting us there in their own house, were full of energy and sense of humour and let us know a bit more of their own way of living! It was not a cooking class only, but a sort of combination of cultural experience, great fun and great lunch! Would recommend it to everybody!

Real Balinese food, authentic surroundings, the loveliest hosts... PDF Print E-mail

This course is absolutely excellent. The hosts, Wayan and Puspa, are a genuinely delightful couple who welcome you into their beautiful home and share with you a fascinating insight into Balinese life. The market visit is so interesting and fun, the descriptions of life in the village and how this is mirrored across Bali is one of the best memories from our trip to Bali - it gives a real understanding of Balinese life that adds to the enjoyment of being on such a wonderful island. The variety of dishes cooked is excellent. We had a little production line going in the gaden kitchen and Puspa explained excellently how the dishes were coming together. Everything was delicious and it was a truly wonderful experience and day out. I would have one small criticism - there were 18in our group, and I feel that was slightly too many - a few people didn't get a chance to do much more than a bit of veg chopping - and eating of course. I think a limit of around 12 would be better, but that's being really picky! Highly recommended, and you get to take all the receipes away too in a beautifully presented folder.

highly recommend PDF Print E-mail

what a wonderful day and experiece this was. been to Bali many times and at the end of this (26 day) trip, decided to attend this cooking class with my sister and our 16yo daughters. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Our hosts, Puspa and Wayan, both such beautiful, humble people with a lovely sense of humour, take you into their home and their hearts. at the end of the class you get to eat all that was mad, what a feast.
I might also add that the cost of this was a lot less than most of the other cooking classes.
Since returning to Australia I have cooked a few dishes I learnt and they turned out beautifully.

An experience not to be missed! PDF Print E-mail

I had read the reviews from TripAdvisor before going to Bali and was inspired to do the class even though I am not the worlds biggest foodie. I am so glad that I did.

Visiting the market was not just about identifying spices, vegetables and fruit, but also to share an insight into offerings and even how to get into the fruit without getting it all over yourself!

gracious hosts, lush setting, fabulous food PDF Print E-mail

We joined this class on the recommendation of a friend who has been on two separate occasions and were not disappointed.

Puspa and Wayan are welcoming hosts, I felt as if I was "helping out" in a friend's kitchen and the meal we prepared was fresh, delicious and simple - definitely a couple of dishes I will cook at home (ingredients used in the recipes are readily available in Australian supermarkets).

Delightful way to relax and learn PDF Print E-mail

Starting with a trip to the market, visit to the village rice fields and then the 9 course cooking and eating experience, this was a day to remember. Having heard about other cookery experiences form travellers then I would suggest that this is the one to go for. There is lots of information to take in right through the day and if you are not in the mood to listen and take in the culture and traditions of the hosts then stay on the beach; but if you are ready to immerse yourself in the day then this will feature high in your memories of Bali. Our tip is to arrange a one way transfer from the organisers at the start oif the day then take the opportunity to go into Ubud after the school ends in the afternoon; spend 4 or 5 hours cruising the shops and stalls, grab some dinner and arrange a taxi back to your base.

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