Sate Languan
Sate Languan is made of sea fish, green coconut, spices, and brown sugar. It is a traditional food of Klungkung regency, but it can be found in all over Bali. Sate Languan is served in Balinese ritual ceremonies. It is better served right after grilled (while it is still hot). It can last for only one day.

Sate Lembat (Lembat Satay)
Sate Lembat is made of crushed meat mixed with grated coconut and spices. The meat is usually pork, chicken, duck, and turtle.
Sate Lembat is served in Balinese ritual and traditional ceremonies. It is also available in many Balinese restaurants, along with Urutan, Babi Guling, and Lawar.

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