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We had such a wonderful time during our Paon Bali Cooking Class. The owners were wonderful and the chef was very knowledgeable, attentive and great to learn from. When we got picked up from our hotel we were first taken to the rice fields- where we got to learn about how the rice is harvested and then got to interact with the farmers and actually work in the rice fields for a bit! That was a great experience! We then went to the house where the cooking class would take place. The owners of the class (and house) were extremely welcoming and made you feel right at home. Since we did the afternoon class (started at 4pm) we (my husband and I) were the only ones, which made it even better because we got to do all of the cooking! All of the ingredients that we used were fresh and some were even organic! I loved that the kitchen was kept very clean all of the time. We made about 7 different dishes that were all very good and manageable to make once I came back to the States. My husband is not a big fan of cooking but he even had a great time! I am so glad we got to do this class as it was not only a cooking class but a true Balinese cultural experience. I truly recommend it.

  • Visited May 2011


Long Beach, California
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