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The Paon Cooking Class was one of our best experiences in Bali. The hosts/teachers, Puspa and Wayan were very kind, and personable. We not only got a lesson in Balinese cooking but were given some history and background about the Balinese people and their culture.

After an informative visit to the local market, there was plenty of hands-on experience with prepping items for the various food items that were on the menu. Myself and my girlfriend had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed every single food item which we ate for lunch once done.

We are so glad that we were able to fit the class into our vacation and will definitely be using the recipes to try our hand at making the items on the menu at home. Again, the class was one of the most memorable things we did in Bali and I highly recommend it. We had a ball!

  • Visited March 2011
rochester, new york
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Paon Bali Cooking Class