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We attended this cooking class based upon the recommendations of other Trip Advisorees and we heartily endorse this experience. Disclaimer: we haven't tried any of the other cooking classes on the island, so we don't know whether this one is truly superior to others. That said, we were part of a group of 10 people who took Puspa and Wayan's cooking class. We all thought it was the highlight of our stay on this island.
Pros: Opportunity to get a true taste of the Balinese culture, including standing next to local women offering sacrifices, in depth knowledge of how the rules of the local village are made and adhered to and the intricacies of the rice paddies.
To enjoy a leisurely and wonderful Balinese meal (the lunch was so big that we didn't bother with dinner that night).
To learn how to cook some delightful Balinese dishes. They were GREAT.
To get a guided tour through the Ubud market. Very interesting and tasty...we learned a lot more because Puspa was with us and offered us samples to try.
To meet some truly lovely, generous and interesting Balinese people. Puspa and Wayan are gems.

Cons: None other than the fact that the lunch we had would have been so much better had it been accompanied by a cold Balinese beer. Turns out that our hosts would have given us some beer had we thought about asking! But we suggest picking up some cold Bintang beer at the market and bringing it to the lunch.

Other points worth noting-
- Although the entire event was scheduled from 9-1, our group finally meandered away from the table a little after 3 P.M. And we could have stayed later!
- It was the very best value of all the other kinds of day trips that we saw offered.
- We signed up by contacting them by e-mail. They were VERY responsive and made the arrangements very quickly.
- If time permits, try to stay in Ubud and do some exploring there. You can arrange for transportation back to the coastal hotels with Puspa & Wayan at only a modest additional fee. They are very accommodating.

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IDOUCAN   15 contributions
San Diego
Oct 13, 2010
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