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Without a doubt, one of the highlights of a trip to Ubud. This is so much more than a cooking school, Wayan and Puspa are absolutely incredible hosts and make you feel part of their family.

Starting off with a market tour (which turned into an impromptu shopping trip for my better half, who walked away with 2 scarfs and sarongs at “best price”, courtesy of some friendly but intense negotiations by Puspa!), we were then guided by Wayan through the beautiful family village to nearby lush green rice paddies. We were also incredibly fortunate to witness the local village women preparing offerings for the upcoming festival celebrating “Iron”.

We then returned to the family compound where everyone gets involved in learning to cook Bali-style. I’m not the most natural cook in the world, but felt right at home as Puspa is a natural teacher. Both Puspa and Wayan speak excellent English and are wonderful characters --- there is a lot of laughter, joking and fun in the cooking process. The outdoor kitchen is immaculate and the food is really delicious, and modified to suit the tolerances of the group.

The group sat down and enjoyed the feast overlooking the beautiful Ubud rainforest. We loved the whole experience, especially the little things, including the copies of the recipes to take home. We dearly hope to return again soon.

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Gaslight_crown   3 contributions
Sydney, Australia
Oct 11, 2010

Paon Bali Cooking Class