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My husband and I visited Bali for the second time and really wanted to do a Balinese cooking class. After looking on Trip Advisor we decided on this one at Ubud as it seemed the most interesting.
when booking our class, I heard a rooster crowing in the background and thought " this is unique, it must be good" and we were not disappointed.
More than I expected, we were shown the markets and all the food that is there for the locals... chicken and fish lying out with the flys and dogs looking on :)
Wayan and Puspa are the best hosts and Puspa is a dream to cook with, she will ensure you participate with the preparation in a fun environment in their home.
If a cooking class is what you are after, you MUST do this!! This tour will become so popular in the future, get in now you won't be disappointed. the Peanut sauce is to die for :)

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Hunters1729   4 contributions
Nov 10, 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

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