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We took the morning Paon cooking class in September 2010. My father and I were joined by a family of five and a solo traveller, which made for a lovely, quiet class. We were picked up at our hotel by Wayan and Puspa themselves, who were full of apologies at being a full two minutes late. On the way to the markets we joked and talked.

At the markets, Puspa taught us all about the different spices and ingredients we would be using (and didnt mind waiting for us to do a quick spot of shopping). We were then taken to the rice fields where Wayan taught us about the connections between rice paddys and Balinese family culture. After that, most of us were taken to their house - the car was too small for all of us so Puspa drove me on her motorbike, which was so much fun.

At the house, we were invited into the family temple (which is a huge deal), and given really delicious welcome drinks. After that, we commenced cooking. Each person was given jobs (e.g. one person made the peanut sauce, one person chopped vegetables, one person cooked chicken) and together we made a wonderful (and huge) meal, of Balinese food. Puspa even helped one boy make a seperate soup after discovering he didn't like mushrooms.

Overall, I totally recommend this class. It is such a good way to learn more about the culture, and also have fun. If you're a serious cook, it probably isn't for you. But if you are looking for a good day out, and also to learn more about Balinese food and culture, it's perfect.


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EmilyRose93 8 contributions
Maroochydore, Australia
28 Sep 2010
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