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Save ReviewMore than just a cooking class! I just did this last week with my travel mates, and we really enjoyed it. Puspa and Wayan are great cultural ambassadors for Bali.

The day starts when they pick you up and take you to the market in Ubud. There Puspa shows you around, describing the ingredients for sale, and the people who sell them. She even allows a little time for some bargaining with the non-food vendors.

From there her husband, Wayan, drives to a spot near their village with a beautiful view among the rice paddies and offers a brief sociology lesson on life in Bali. He does a fine job, and goes out of his way to answer all of your questions.

Then it's back to their home. Here Wayan leads you through the elements of a typical Balinese village home, as well as the intricacies of the Hinduism practiced by most residents of the island. Very interesting. They even show you around the family shrine.

Finally Puspa takes back over, tours you through her garden, and then gets everybody to work on making a fabulous lunch. The food, and its preparation were a real treat. The view from their yard is incredible. They also had the nicest smelling western-style bathroom I encountered on the entire island (something I know my fellow Westerners can appreciate.) :-)

I learned so much about Bali, and got to eat such great food. Puspa and Wayan have really done a great job of putting together a unique travel experience. It was one of my favorite memories of our trip.

If you're going to Ubud, and want to learn more about Bali and Bali food, this is a must-do.


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Sacramento, CA
27 Sep 2010

Paon Bali Cooking Class