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Save ReviewThis was one of the best experiences in Bali. The cooking lesson is only for small groups AND it happens at the owner´s house. That way you get to know the real indonesian life style. She teaches on fancy hotels sometimes but has started her own business about a year ago (2009 or so).

I went early in the morning, so they first take you to the market to show around and learn about spices. Then they take everyone back and while Puspa is preparing welcome drinks, her husband shows the rice fields and explain how is the day-by-day life on the village. When we were back at their house, Puspa was making the daily offerings and they explained how it is for us, and how the family compound works. After a really nice coconut water drink, the class begins. It´s very hands on, everyone helps a bit. Puspa showed also her plants, where she gets most of the ingridients. Feel free to ask many questions, especially about their culture, she´ll be more than happy to answer them. As time goes by, the class makes delicious dishes and at the end we had a feast. I felt like being a guest at a local´s house, wt made the lesson so special.

Oh, sing Imagine by John Lennon to Puspa. It´s her favorite song and she sings it whenever she´s cooking!

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22 Aug 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

Paon Bali Cooking Class