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Just ahead: It's absolutely worth the money and you will enjoy the whole balinese cooking trip.

My girlfriend and I were the only 2 guests of Puspa and Wayan this morning in July 2010. We were picked up on time by Wayan and he led us through the morning market, as there were no other tourists. We learned a lot about the local people and their food.

After that stop we went to Puspas and Wayans family compound in the village of Laplapan. We were very friendly welcomed by Puspa. Afterwards Wayan explained everything about their family compound, the family temple and rituals and their honeymoon suite.

Now Puspa led us to the cooking facility. They have a wonderful garden with a great view down a valley with plenty of rain forest and rice paddies. The kitchen was clean and well organized. After having a refreshing water coconut we were introduced by Puspa to the different ingredients and the procedure of making fresh coconut oil. Then self-cooking started with making all the tasty food like chicken curry, Gado Gado with peanut butter sauce, etc.

Puspa explained all in english, we had a lot of fun and she also cared a lot about us during our final lunch. On our way back Wayan even drove us to some local villages nearby Ubud, that are famous for crafts like kite building, silver-forging, cause we liked to. Fabulous!

It was a absolutely satisfying day with lot of fun and learning much of the local balinese lifestyle. Food was tasty, the kitchen clean, Puspa and Wayan wonderful.


5 of 5 stars
Chemnitz, Germany
9 Aug 2010
Source : TripAdvisor.com

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