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When I signed up for this cooking class I got a lot more that I expected. First let me say that it was wonderful and everyone should run, not walk and sign up for the class. Even if you are not interested in cooking! Puspa and Wayan the owners are so warm and inviting you will never want to leave!

I signed up for the afternoon class and Wayan one of the owners/chauffeur/helper picked me up on time. He drove me and the other class attendees to their village Laplapan in Ubud, Bali. He toured us around the village and showed us the rice fields where they are trying to turn the fields organic. We were able to stop and take pictures as well as just enjoy the magnificent view from the fields. On the tour of the village he explained a lot of things about Bali and the villages that you don't get on most tours.

After the rice fields we arrived at Wayan and Puspas home. Wayan gave us a tour of their home and explained about the temples, and the traditions of the Balinese people inside their homes. We also saw their organic garden. It was wonderful to be able to go into someone's home and see how they really live. I really enjoyed the explanation about the Balinese culture.

We cooked about 5 or 6 different things and it was fun and very friendly atmosphere. Puspa the chef/wife/boss is so nice and she gives great instruction about the ingredients you are using. I loved the fact that almost 99% of the food used comes from their organic garden. Many of the ingredients used, such as turmeric, I had never seen before in its natural state. During the cooking process we all took turns chopping and stirring and tasting. You can cook as much as you or just sit and chit chat if you want. Puspa is very laid back and your wish is her command. She was even able to accommodate my request for a vegetarian option.

When the meal was done we sat down and ate the best meal I have ever had in Bali! We made traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes. I am excited to know that I will be able to go home and re-create these dishes in my kitchen.

If you take the morning tour you are able to tour the market with Puspa to see how and what she buys as well how to bargain with the shopkeepers. That's worth the price alone. Also the morning tour includes the process of how she makes the coconut oil which is used in a lot of the dishes.

At the conclusion of the meal they give you all of the recipes to take home. They even had a vegetarian recipe for me which I thought was very nice. The price of this tour is much less than you would pay for most of the cooking classes held in many of the hotels. Plus you don't get to see a real village and go into someone's home to view a real Balinese kitchen. I stayed two weeks in Bali and this class was the highlight of my trip. If I ever come back I would take this class again just for the delicious food and to be in the company of Puspa and Wayan. When I took the class I was staying in Ubud but I am sure that they can do pick ups from other parts of the island also just call and ask.

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Oakland, California
1 Aug 2010
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